• Definitions:
  • “Company” means the SIMBA FIBER.
  • “Customer” means the Person/Company as mentioned in the application form.
  • Fair Usage Policy” (FUP) is implemented to ensure equitable access for all connecting users to the Internet. The FUP prevents disproportionate usage by imposing penalties on users who engage in excessively heavy usage. This measure is in place to maintain fair access for everyone.
  • Order for New Services; the initial Services to be provided by Kampala Siti Cable to the Customer are as set out in the Application Form.

For Home Connections, the Customer shall provide Kampala Siti Cable with;

  • a copy of a valid National Identity card or passport or equivalent document
  • And full address of the Customer Site (Name, Contact Number, Addresses and a valid Email Address) where the Services are to be provided.

For Organisations/Company Connections, the Customer shall provide Kampala Siti Cable with;

  • (Company Names, Contact Number, Addresses and a valid Email Address) where the Services are to be provided.
  • Trading Licence,
  • Certificate of Incorporation (Signed and Stamped by Organisation)
  • A valid National ID proof for the director with signature and stamp
  • Supply Of the Services
    • The customer shall permit the authorized Representative of the company at all reasonable times with or without workmen or enter upon the premises to view the state of repair and condition of the cable.
    • The customer shall obtain all necessary consents, way leaves, rights of way, including consents for any necessary alterations to buildings where the Customer Site is located;
  • Use of the Services, the Services are intended for use as signed up for by the Customer either for private, office, personal or family residential use. Home packages are not intended for business, commercial or public uses.
  • Silver Package, and Gold Package are Home Packages
  • Platinum Package and Corporate Package are Business Packages.
    • The performance of Internet component of the Services depends on the number of concurrent users and Customer may experience degraded performance the more the number of concurrent users. The Customer is advised when applying for the Services or during any Term of the agreement, to consult for the suitable Package.
  • Silver and Gold Packages supports Maximum 7 users.
    • The customer undertakes not to; Redistribute or resell the internet service or any part thereof which it has received to anyone other than the person mentioned in the application.
    • If the Customer reports a fault in the Services, Kampala Siti Cable ltd will remedy the fault within the timelines defined upon reporting of the fault.

5.0.      Payment Of Service, All Simba Fiber Customers Are Prepaid Only.

  • The subscription charges may vary in accordance with the market condition for which the company shall inform the Customers 15 days in advance and the customer may accordingly continue availing the Internet Service with revised rate or discontinue the same at his own discretion.
  • SIMBA FIBER shall not be responsible for any payments made by customer without a proper company receipt or proper confirmation message. In case of any query contact customer care of SIMBA FIBER.
  • Termination Of Service.

Termination for Non-Payment or Misuse: Simba Fiber reserves the right to terminate this Agreement and deactivate the service without prior notice if:

  • The Customer fails to make payment when it is due.
  • Simba Fiber receives confirmation that the Customer has received the Service, or any part of the Service, without payment.
  • The Customer breaches or causes a breach of this Agreement.
  • Storing, reproducing, transmitting, communicating or receiving any Offending Material.
  • Fraud or for any criminal purpose or in a manner that is contrary to any regulatory or legal requirement; or to cause annoyance, inconvenience or needless anxiety to any person.
  • The customer further undertakes not to reproduce or allow any other by any means or recording of the internet service or any part thereof.
  • Contrary to any other instructions that may be communicated by Kampala Siti Cable ltd to the Customer from time to time.
  • . Termination for Providing Wrong Information or Fake Documents: Simba Fiber may terminate the service if the Customer provides wrong information (such as Email, Address, or Phone Number) or submits fake documents. Accuracy and authenticity of customer information are crucial for maintaining the integrity of the service.
  • Device Management, Kampala Siti Cable ltd accepts no liability for any loss suffered by the Customer or any third party as a result of the Customer’s misuse of the Customer Premises Equipment or for any accidental damage.
  • Warranty for Router is 6 months only. Goods once sold cannot be taken back
  • Fair Usage Policy (FUP) applies depends on End User Usage; the Maximum Data Limit is 1200 GB per month for all standard packages. Any such usage over and above said Maximum Data Limit will be treated as abuse of Unlimited Data plans by the said subscriber.

SimbaFiber Plans

Monthly Rental


Upload + Download

Speed After FUP

Simba Silver

120,000 Ugx

Upto 17 Mbps

Unlimited data*

2 Mbps

Simba Gold

175,000 Ugx

Upto 25 Mbps

Unlimited data*

2 Mbps

Simba Platinum

230,000 Ugx

Upto 40 Mbps

Unlimited data*

2 Mbps

Simba Corporate

499,000 Ugx

Upto 70 Mbps

Unlimited data*

17 Mbps

   Table 1. Post FUP Speeds

  • The Customer Shall Indemnity the Company against any loss caused to the company as direct result of the customer’s breach of these terms and conditions including any loss of profit or any consequential loss.
  • In case of any dispute between the parties arising of terms and conditions or anything arising out of it, then the matter shall be referred to an independent sole arbitrator mutually agreed to between both parties. The decision of the arbitrator shall be binding on both parties.
  • The Customer of the company shall not be in default of its obligations under these terms and conditions and if such fault is attributed to force majeure such as war, earthquake, fire, storm, hurricane, floods, strikes, insurrections and other unforeseen acts of God.
  • All complaints regarding internet service shall be reported by the customer to the company’s telephone numbers: 0200 777 220 / 0700 220 124.
  • SIMBAFIBER have reserves right to terminate service if individual customers not comply with Terms and Conditions Apply.